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About Us

Our Role in Health Equity

We are working to create a Greensboro where racial equity has been achieved, and our systems, policies, and prevailing norms work in concert to achieve and maintain health equity. Beyond our role as a funder, Cone Health Foundation is a partner and advocate working to ensure that our community has what it takes for everyone to be healthy.

Greensboro Community member holding small child


Cone Health Foundation eliminates health inequities by advocating for and investing in community-driven solutions.


In Greensboro, health inequities no longer exist.



We work together and listen and learn from each other. We commit to listen first, and have our work informed and guided by those with lived experiences of inequities.


We have an obligation to undo deep and pervasive inequities that impact health and well-being. We work to address racism, holding ourselves accountable to community.


We dedicate ourselves to building a healthy, interconnected, and inclusive community where everyone is treated with care, dignity, and respect.


We will not be deterred as we work for a world where everyone is treated equitably. We lead with racial equity because in our society, racism is our most persistent barrier to health.

Impact Investment Strategy

Cone Health Foundation defines impact investing as investment activity that intends to generate positive social and financial returns. This practice focuses on activating new financial resources to address social and environmental issues. We are proud to share that our investment portfolio is currently 100% integrated across environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and impact investment focused.

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Our Position

Cone Health Foundation is a grantmaking organization, not a fundraising entity. We are a partner organization to Cone Health System, whose fundraising entity is Cone Health Philanthropy. We share a commitment to equitable community health. Our focus, however, extends beyond health care, identifying and supporting community-driven solutions through the lens of social drivers of health.

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Our History

Cone Health Foundation traces its origins back to 1996 when it was incorporated as the Wesley Long Community Health Foundation (WLCHF), with an initial $50 million investment from Wesley Long Community Hospital (WLCH). After the 1997 merger of the WLCH with Moses Cone Health System, the Foundation’s assets doubled with a matching contribution from the Moses Cone Health System. Recognizing the heritage of the two hospitals that created it, the Foundation was then renamed Moses Cone — Wesley Long Community Health Foundation, later shortened to Cone Health Foundation.