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Our Focus

Working to Eliminate Health Inequities

Cone Health Foundation invests in community-driven solutions. And, we advocate for systems and policy change at the local and state levels. We work in partnership with community-based organizations, civic and legislative leaders, and the philanthropic community, centering the voices and experiences of those in Greensboro who have been historically marginalized.

A circular diagram with five sections describing the priorities of the Cone Health Organization: Education, access to health care, access to healthy food, affordable healthy housing, and economic mobility. Diagram shows values of the organization, which are Accountability, humility, compassion, and courage. The center of the diagram says the organization's mission, which is "eliminating health inequities by advocating for and investing in community-driven solutions." The circle shows the vision of the organization, which is "In Greensboro, health inequities no longer exist."

Social Drivers of Health

The health and well-being of our community depends not just on access to health care, but also on the social drivers of health. In fact, research shows that up to 80 percent of an individual’s health depends on these factors. As we look to a future in which health inequities no longer exist in Greensboro, our grantmaking is focused not just on treating symptoms, but on impacting root causes.

We’re making this shift incrementally over time as we learn alongside our community, sharing and interpreting community data and stories together. This work is complemented by convening important community conversations, organizing coordinated action, and advocating together at the local and state levels.

Our Priority Areas

We are currently focused on addressing five social drivers of health:

Person handing a card and pen to a Greensboro Community member seeking healthcare

Access to Health Care

Healthy communities require that all people have access to affordable health care services. Primary health care is especially important, providing preventative care and ensuring diseases are detected and treated. We’re addressing common barriers to care like lack of insurance, while increasing care access and care continuity for all community members.

Greensboro community members in line getting food

Healthy Food

Availability of healthy, nutritious food is an important social driver of health. Having limited or uncertain access to food, known as food insecurity, is linked to poor health and increased levels of chronic illness. It also impacts mental health. Promoting access to healthy food for all supports a healthier Greensboro.

Person teaching students in an art class


People who have access to quality education lead more fulfilling lives, grow personally, and give back to their communities. Education also makes it easier to find living-wage employment, navigate health care access, and live in a safe environment. Literacy programs and digital connectivity are key parts of the solution.

Greensboro community member smiling

Safe and Healthy Housing

The affordability, quality, safety, and stability of housing are key drivers of health. Homes that are free of environmental contaminants and neighborhoods where it is safe to play outside and walk to the store promote well-being. Ensuring community members have housing that supports their health is foundational to health equity.

Two people shaking hands

Economic Mobility

There is a strong and intergenerational connection between income and health. Those with higher levels of poverty experience worse health outcomes, as do their children, and their children’s children. Furthering economic mobility, through initiatives like financial literacy, financial counseling, and more, is vital to our community’s health and well-being.


Greensboro Community Report

We are developing a community-informed report that highlights the gaps and opportunities faced by nonprofits in Greensboro in our collective work toward health equity.

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Our Grantmaking

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