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What We Fund

Grantmaking in Action

Cone Health Foundation believes that health care is a human right. Yet, we need more than health care to ensure that health inequities no longer exist in Greensboro. To address the root causes that result in poor health outcomes, our focus has expanded to influencing the social drivers of health in partnership with the community partners who do this work every day.

To achieve our vision, we work to center the experiences, perspectives, and priorities of people and organizations living in and directly serving the communities most affected by health inequities. We believe that by working together we have the best chance to ensure that we can all thrive, no matter where we live in Greensboro.

We will pursue this vision by:

  • Listening deeply to our community;
  • Funding local organizations;
  • Convening community stakeholders;

And, where possible, advocating on key issues that improve the health of all people.

Two Greensboro community members at Cone Health Organization Event

Grantmaking Priorities

We are currently focused on addressing five social drivers of health: access to care, healthy food, education, safe and healthy housing, and economic mobility.

Person handing a card and pen to a Greensboro Community member seeking healthcare

Access to Care

Healthy communities require that all people, regardless of background, have affordable accessible health care services available to them.

Greensboro Community members getting vegetables from Cone Health Foundation Healthy food drive

Healthy Food

Availability of healthy, nutritious food is an important social driver of health. We’re committed to supporting equitable access to healthy food for all residents of Greensboro.

Person teaching students in an art class


People who have access to quality education stay healthier than those who don’t. Healthy school meals, literacy programs, digital connectivity, and tutoring decrease gaps in educational outcomes that correlate with lower health outcomes.

Greensboro community member smiling

Safe and Healthy Housing

The affordability, quality, safety, and stability of housing and the surrounding neighborhood is a key driver of health. It is important that community members have housing that supports their health.

Two people shaking hands

Economic Mobility

There is a strong and intergenerational connection between income and health. Financial literacy and financial counseling are vital to increasing economic mobility.

How We Fund

In alignment with our commitment to eliminate health inequities in Greensboro and to address the social, economic, and structural conditions that contribute to poor health outcomes, Cone Health Foundation supports varied grantmaking opportunities, depending on the funding strategy, rationale and more.

Requests for proposals (RFP) are issued periodically. In such cases, CHF welcomes responses from eligible organizations and entities serving Greensboro (see below for more information). Competitive funding opportunities will be posted on our home page and sent out through our newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter in the footer to be notified of future funding opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements

Cone Health Foundation prioritizes:

  • Organizations based in Greensboro and serving the greater Greensboro community
  • Organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 50(c)(3)
  • North Carolina public agencies, including state and local governments

Organizations without 501(c)3 status or other tax-exempt recognition must partner with tax-exempt organizations to serve as the lead agency and fiscal agent.

Funding restrictions

These requests will not be considered, with other exceptions on a case-by-case basis:

Endowment funds; debt retirement, deficit funding; direct political lobbying; clinical research or trials; projects that promote specific political or religious views; projects typically funded by federal, state or local government; duplication of existing programs; services by new organizations; and direct grants to individuals, scholarships, or emergency financial assistance.

Organizations that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, religious affiliation, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, medical condition, or veteran status either in their employment or their service policies, or any other status protected by law.

Grant Opportunities

There are not currently any available funding opportunities. Please sign up for our newsletter in the footer to stay informed about the next available opportunity.

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