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Community Learning

Health Equity Through Community Insight

To effectively advocate for and invest in community-driven solutions, we start by listening to communities — particularly those furthest from health equity. We stay committed to learning from non-profits who are working to eliminate health inequities everyday. What we learn not only informs our own strategies, but is shared broadly to support collective action.

Check back in June 2024 to read the report.

Close up of Tiarra Brown of the Greensboro Housing Coalition another Greensboro community member

The Greensboro Community Report


In 2023, community feedback guided us to expand our focus to include other factors that drive health, such as: access to health care, healthy food, education, safe and healthy housing, and economic mobility. Community learning across these sectors is the first step in this shift. Moving beyond health outcome data, we want to better understand the collective progress, barriers, and strengths of nonprofits who are working to achieve health equity every day.

This community-informed report is being developed with the following goals:

  • Provide a cross-sector view of our collective progress toward health equity.
  • Better understand the strengths and needs of community based organizations focused on the social drivers of health.
  • Drive collective action across our community.


Through a survey and community gathering, we are gathering the voices of nonprofits across sectors in Greensboro to get a clearer picture of the gaps and opportunities they’re facing. The data and insights are being compiled into the Greensboro Community Report.

Next Steps

The Greensboro Community Report is part of our effort to improve health equity in ways that are community-aligned and informed. In addition to informing our own funding and activities, it will be shared as a community-wide resource to drive collective action toward health equity in Greensboro.

The Report Informs Our Focus

In addition to our new Nurturing Equity grants, we are also currently supporting legacy grantees in our historical priority areas of access to health care, adolescent pregnancy prevention, HIV, substance use and mental health. The Greensboro Community Report will inform our priorities moving forward as we consider how to best support nonprofits working across key social drivers of health.

About Our Focus