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Over the past two decades research has revealed the powerful role social factors, outside of traditional medical care, have in shaping health. While medical care certainly influences health, it is not the only influencer of health. Evidence indicates that medical care may be more limited than previously thought when determining who gets sick or becomes injured in the first place.

CHF believes that to eliminate health inequities we must work with partners across sectors to address well-being through social drivers such as economic stability, healthy housing, education, food security, physical environment, and supportive social connections. Our listening and learning journey continued this fall as we made grants to organizations that work to improve community-wide conditions for entire groups of people.

Community Housing Solutions

Works to provide decent, safe and affordable housing to low-wealth households.

Greensboro Farmers Market

Funding allows low-wealth seniors and SNAP beneficiaries to buy fresh, healthy food. Greensboro Farmers Market Photo Credits: YoungDoo Carey.

Greensboro Housing Coalition

Funding will replicate the Collaborative Cottage Grove Initiative in Northeast Greensboro and aligns health and housing.

Greensboro Mutual Aid

Funding provides for a Freedom Fridge at East White Oak Community Center.

Guilford Green Foundation

Supports LGBTQ youth programming including weekly youth nights with activities that foster social and emotional growth through art projects, queer history lectures, game nights, and health advocacy programs designed specifically for gender-diverse youth. In addition, a social worker and/or a licensed therapist will be present to more readily address mental health needs that might arise.

New Hope Community Development Group

Strengthens community and empowers residents by utilizing self-help approaches and collaborations.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

Additional resources for sexual and reproductive health services in Greensboro, along with support for nonpartisan advocacy efforts.

Ready for School Ready for Life

Continued general operating support for this community-wide initiative to build a connected, innovative system of care for Guilford County’s youngest children and their families.

Transit Alliance of the Piedmont

Supports efforts in Barber Park to train people to repair fixable bikes for reuse.